I am Awake and Alive “Again”

Hello All!,,,

Yesterday i got the bonus posting from forum.mt5 again, yup it’s not much but it will be really good for me,

it’s “$237″

this is the payment proof :

because i still have the chance to participate in bonus campaign again,

i am not pro yet, but i am sure i will be, and with the bonus from posting, i can train my self more and more,

i will update this blog agian, because i am sure that if i can make journal here, i will gain more experience too,

i am really glad i still can participate in the bonus campaign again, i will never waste my margin again like before,

thank you instaforex, thank you forum.mt5

stay tuned, and i will update this blog again!

with awesome journal

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Booked Small But Can Do It Consistently

hehe this is the end of the month, and i only can booked some profit, mabye it’s arroud 8% from my balance, and that’s really good for me

the most important is : i can earn that again in the next month, and not meet margin call again :)

i love it, and it’s enough for me


if you have margin left, you still have hope to win

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Simple = Best

i wanna try to explain how i trade, it’s simple,

First step

See the news calendar from the sites in the internet, i use forex factory (it’s not advertisement from me)

See? the news that will be released maybe has the effect in the GBP currency and USD currency

so i will take GBP USD

Second Step

Set the alarm, maybe 30 or 15 minutes before the news, to give you time to analyze the best setup position :)

Third Step

Analyze with your own strategy, with SupDem strategy, or SupRes strategy, or bollinger band, or anything else, because the concept is the same :)

hunting the market movement

make your plan, your management, and execute your trade


that’s enough and simple, no need to waste our time too much by watching the damn chart ok?

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Survival Game

Hello Traders,

did you ever think that forex trading is the SURVIVAL GAME?

someone get killed, someone get profit, think again ok?

if we CLICK buy/ sell orders, who is in the opposite of our orders? i am sure there is someone that in the opposite of our orders in that price

so if you gain, someone in the other side is losing money, so do if you lose money, someone will gain money,

so what it means?

it means that trading is just like the other game that always has the winner and the loser, so becareful ok?

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Plan Next Week 27 April 2015

this is my plan for next week bro,

easy, simple, and not wasting too much time, and the result will be big too,

without wasting too much time, we can make our emotions become controlable, and make more money without emotions, risking too much, and we can be relaxed in our trading :)

see in monday, i don’t need to see the chart, if i have the positions, i will hold it

in tueday, i only need to see my computer/ trading terminal, twice in a day, and maybe only need 10 minutes or not more than one hour


only for the warning

keep in mind, never waste your hope/ margin again, and you will survive and can solve any problem that happened in your trading activities

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The Effect Of Trading With The TREND

at least i can grow up 5% per month, and it’s really big for me, noted : that’s bonus account,

but if i can grow it bigger and bigger, i am sure gaining will not become something too hard to do, earning consistent money will be really good for us,

trading with the trend is my best option after 6/7 years journey bro

i have tried any system in this world, try to find the weakness, and try to perfect it, but without TREND i still can’t come out as the winner

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Plan Today 24-04-2015


wait for it’s ringing

do anything else / do your primary job


i never waste the time again in forex market bro, because i already have time management,

so you have to make it too, make trading plan, and you will never be confuse again bro

every trades will make new problems, how far your art of problem solving?

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Don’t Worry You Still Have The Chances

hello brothers, i wanna talk about the mindset when we are trading,

we need to remember that forex business is like immortal business, so it will stand forever, so why you are so rush to make profit? and you don’t be patience enough to wait a little longer when you trade?

this mindset can help you to understand that we always have the chance for tomorrow, so we don’t need to execute full margin trade, or we will only lose our chances,when we meet margin call, it’s really hard to get up from that event,

so never waste your margin again, margin and margin, for this month, i will only talk about the margin, because it’s my previous MISTAKES

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Avoid Watching The Chart Too Much

Hello brothers,

sorry if you are really bored because of my post, haha because i only take care about the risk, i only take care about the management, because money management, and time management is important,

i am sure if we watch our chart too much, it will only lead the emotions, and over confidence, taking too much risk, without take care about margin, only CLICK like crazy person, without calculation, and DOOOOR MARGIN CALL happened again,

you lose your hope again, and it’s really bad,

make time management, so you will see the chart only with the schedule, relax, patience, that’s all the necessary

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TRENDING MARKET = market moves in one direction for times

trading the trend is the best bro, and why? because we only need to follow that trend,


in the long run, if we trade the trend, with any system we will be profitable, use the simple system to identify the trend,and i am sure you will be the better trader, in this case, i am using the moving average, follow the trend with that simple indicator,

but ofcourse you need a tight management, don’t use too much risk, don’t use too big risk, or you will only regret it

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No Margin No Missions



i will not share anything about system, plan, or anything this time, i wanna share again, and review again, that how much important is our margin, keep in mind that margin is really important,and it’s our life, if we waste our margin, we already wasting our life :(

KEEP IN MIND, using lower lot/ lower risk, doesn’t mean our profit will become small, as long as we can manage more profit, getting more profit, i am sure we will be able to win and earn money,



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