Happy Weekend!

Hello everyone…

Are you enjoying your weekend? hope so…

Today is Saturday and it’s evening here in my place, the clock is approaching 10:00 PM in the evening. Time for me to rest and sleep…but before that here is my one week trading recap with my Gold trading history…

Let’s start…

Demo Update:

*Gold~ $1k demo experiment for 1 year~ Start: July 10, 2017*

@ That was my closed trades since August 8, 2017 up to August 11, 2017. Just 4 days trading because last Monday, I did not open new trade since I have left over trades the last Friday. So I have no floating trades as of now…by the way ignore the single EUR/USD trade I made up there, it was a mistake! I dunno why my MultiTerminal suddenly played a trick on me…lol. Actually I set my MultiTerminal to Gold trading only…so it’s kind of a big surprised when I open order it was EUR/USD, lol. Anyways it hit TP so, no problem…hahaha

Gold did fly high last week..as expected. Just don’t know next week how far or how long it can retain it’s high flying…lol

Anyways…see you next week guys! Happy weekend and take care all.

About nikitabelle

I started my trading journey since year 2010. Technically I started my demo and live trading early 2011. I started my forex journey with Mt5 Forum through their bonus per post program. Just like everyone else my forex journey is hard, confusing and difficult, lose some money along the way too but not enough to go bankrupt,hahaha. Anyways, I can sympathize with lot's of forex losers out there because am one of them. But loses and failures are not reason to quit forex trading too soon, so am still here trying to find my way to forex success no matter how elusive it is. Come and join my forex journey! Let's trade and discover forex trading together the newbie way.
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