Gold~ Daily Chart!

Hello guys…long time no see, hehehe, sorry a bit busy nowadays.

So wazzz up with Gold? Well, it’s not done yet with it’s climb upward, the price may attempt to reach 1337.00 area anytime soon, if the bears are not strong enough to bring the price down below 1300.00 area soon.

Let’s take a look at my Gold Daily Chart…

@ Those 4 blue lines are zones that the price will be able to reached anytime soon if the bullish trend of Gold continues…let see, if the price can reached them one by one…

Even if the price is in bullish momentum, I still attempt to do counter trend, am currently selling it… let’s see if it will work out the way I want it to be…

Demo Update:

*Gold~ $1k demo experiment for 1 year~ Started: July 10, 2017*

@ I will give update tomorrow with my trades, see you tomorrow guys, hope am not busy again…*sigh*

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I started my trading journey since year 2010. Technically I started my demo and live trading early 2011. I started my forex journey with Mt5 Forum through their bonus per post program. Just like everyone else my forex journey is hard, confusing and difficult, lose some money along the way too but not enough to go bankrupt,hahaha. Anyways, I can sympathize with lot's of forex losers out there because am one of them. But loses and failures are not reason to quit forex trading too soon, so am still here trying to find my way to forex success no matter how elusive it is. Come and join my forex journey! Let's trade and discover forex trading together the newbie way.
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