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Before starting my blog I would like to introduce myself. I’m Bidyut working as a full time Fx trader. I’ve gone through many ups and down but my goal was to make forex trading as a main profession. I’ve studied a lot but we know that there is no ending of learning. So still I’m a learner and trying to be a best trader.

I’ll try to update my blog regularly so that it’ll be more useful for those who seek good informative contents. I believe in both technical and fundamental analysis. Both are important for us to follow in order to get good success.

Forex is not a game or any general profession where we can get success easily. Knowledge is most important part to be successful in this profession. Without knowledge and experience nobody could able to make a dime from the market.

It is true that without any previous knowledge and experience a trader may able to gain few profit. But in forex trading earning once or twice doesn’t matter. The consistency is most important for us to maintain. Without consistency nobody would be considered as successful.

New traders often failed and easily give up. They think it is not their business to do forex trading. But in my view if every newbie work hard and dedicate their time in learning forex trading then in no time they will be able to get good success.

Apart from our knowledge and experience to be successful in forex trading a good broker is also important to consider. If a trader choose a good broker then it will be easy for every trader to dedicate their time and money without worrying about anything. I’m trading in InstaForex which is very good broker. Try yourself and decide yourself whether it’ll be suitable for you or not. I’ll discuss later why InstaForex is best.

There is no fixed strategies of rules in forex trading. We can develop our own strategies or adopt a good strategy from other good traders. It is not necessary that a good strategy always proved to be good for others. No strategy is good or bad, the ability to apply any strategy to our trades to earn profit  is considered as good.

The one more thing I want to say at last, there is no limit of knowledge. And there is no boundaries of knowledge. We can gather knowledge from anywhere and from anybody. No matter how much we know but there is no ending of learning and taking this into consideration we should never stop learning.  For new traders I want to say, never give up and always try to learn from others.

Develop these qualities to be successful:

  1. Patience.
  2. Believe in your own abilities.

Remember that nothing is impossible.  Good luck!

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