Are You A Professional Or Not?

Most of the successful trader failed at a point. Despite of good trading skills they failed to maintain the profitable trades. Even same thing happens to any normal trader too or a new trader also go through similar situations. Then how can we say that a trader is professional trader. If both do mistakes, if both can make good profit or both have equal capabilities to make good profit. Oh, this will really make confusions but I’ll try to explain everything so that there would be no confusion. The very first reason which differs professional trader from other trader is, a professional trader makes profit consistently. They are consistent because they always wait for correct trend to start. They don’t rush for making any deals so here we can see second character i.e. Patience. Consistency and Patience both can be found within professional trader. There are many other good characters which defines them as professional traders also differentiate them from others.

Every so often a trader changes strategy. There may be many reasons for changing strategies. If a trader is not capable of making good profit or choose a strategy which is not that much fool proof to give good profit always gives discouragement. Sometimes even after choosing right strategy traders are not that much confident in applying it into their trades. They always get discouraged by failing and this cause that they often changes strategies. But most of the successful traders always stick to a good strategy. It doesn’t mean they don’t fail but they always try to find the loops and try to strengthen their existing strategies. They practices well and get a very good hand on certain strategy. They always get 100% confidence in using good strategies. So here we can say “Stick to a good strategy” and Practice both are required to be successful in trading.

When a trader lost or get margin call they always try to calculate how much they have lost. Or they regret that they have a lost and now nothing is possible in this life. In other hand professional trader don’t look back if they failed or get margin call. They try to start with fresh mind. They don’t count how much they have lost because they know it’ll not help them at all. Professional traders always try to get new opportunities. So here positive mind is required. We can’t get back our lost amount so there is no need to count our losses. We can recover any losses if we try to forget about our previous losses. We can only survive if we focus on new challenges rather than to waste our time in regretting about losing amount.

As a human greed always overpower us. A trader turns into gambler due to greed factor. If we risks whole account and try to open big lot size then we can say it is our greed. Professional traders don’t gamble. They always take low risks while trading. And always open lot size which is easy to maintain. In other hand greedy mind won’t allow us to open trades with low lot size. Sometimes it helps to gain good profit but to maintain the consistency we’ve to avoid greed. Professional trader risks a fraction of equity while other traders’ risks even 100% of their equity.

Professional traders don’t cry or celebrate. They are not ruled by the results but they ruled results. They can make profit as per their own wishes. Because they are accurate, they never failed to analyze the market. They are hard working and every trade they do are based on some good analysis. Professional traders always able to make good profit. They can able to control their emotions, they are not greedy. They have patience and they always believe in hard work. They have good positive mind and never discouraged by any losses. They always try to improve their trading skills. The most important part is “They are real inspiration for everybody”.

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