If There Is A Will, There Is A Way

If there is a will, there is a way. It means if we’ve a determination to do something or to achieve something then we can find the way or method to do it. Most of the time we afraid to take initiative to start any work. Sometimes we afraid of failure, we cannot think about how to complete a particular work. Same things apply to forex trading profession too. Most of the traders give up at the end. They are unable to bear the losses and as a result they leave this profession for ever.

Failure is a part of our life. We will not die if we fail but we’ll certainly never able live a better life if we do not try. Strong determination and self belief is very much important for a person to achieve anything in life. Without positive attitude it is not possible for a trader to accomplish anything. If we want something to achieve then we must be active and do some initiative to complete it. Many great personalities always proved that there is nothing impossible in this world. So taking this into consideration we must try, no matter how many times we fail in the process of trying.

What Is Goal and How To Set Our Goals:

Everybody wants to achieve success in their life. A poor person may dream to earn good so that he/she can meet daily expenditure. A rich person may dream to set up a big business to earn more. A student may dream of becoming a doctor or software engineer. These are dreams which can be our goals. Our dream may differ from each other but to achieve these we need same effort or dedication. We need a proper plan and set our goals before hand. First of all we must understand that to achieve something is not easy. In other words success won’t come easily to us. We need to dedicate ourselves on a particular work to achieve success. As we’ve discussed above, different people have different goals in their life. Therefore, the way of achieving one particular goal may be different from achieving other goals. In order to achieve something we need a proper plan. With pre-defined goals we can easily make plans. If we do not set any goal then it’ll be difficult for us to take initiative or we’ll never able to take proper decisions or steps. For example, to become rich may be my goal in my life or to get a good job may be my 1st goal. Or we can say our goal is to become a successful forex trader. Now it’ll be easier for us to take first step i.e. to make plans to achieve our goals.  If we consider it as our first step to set our goals, then we can say we’ve already set our goals and this step is completed now. Here I want to say we may have many goals at a time. But we can categorize it as first priority or second priority goals. Seems as funny isn’t it. No? Okay LOL.

Now come to the next. We already know that we want to become a good forex trader. So this is the right time to go one step forward. We need a good guide or tutor who will guide us. To learn basics we may visit different websites which are recommended by other good traders. We can join any good forex forum where day to day discussions take place. So our first step is to find a good tutor or tutorials so that we can learn the basics. The second step would be to open an demo account and then try to understand how it works by applying different strategies which we’ve already learned in our previous step. These are just for examples how to achieve goals with step by step process. We may fail many times but we should never give up.

So it is already proved that if there is a will there is a way.

I never knew that I’ll become a forex trader. But I’ve decided to become a trader and later I’ve found the path and methods. It was not a smooth ride for me but at least I’m going the right path at this time. This is because I’ve set goal at the very beginning. I never quit learning because I believed that if we try then we can easily achieve our goals. I’m still in the learning process but I’m sure one day I’ll become a good trader.

Conclusion: There is nothing impossible in this world. We can achieve anything if we want. But to achieve anything we need a clear goal. We need to focus on our work to achieve our goals. It is also important for us to remember that there is no shortcut to success. You can’t jump directly to 10th floor of a building without stepping into the stairs. By putting small steps into stairs at first you’ll get 1st floor then 2nd floor and at last 10th floor which is obviously your main goal. It may take time to reach your desired goal but if you keep trying then it’ll be easy for you to reach that goal. So to achieve our goals we need to take smaller steps and in the process we will able to achieve our final goal. At last I want to say you can’t achieve anything if we don’t try. You need to think of achieving your goals. If you have a will to achieve something then you can easily find a path or way to achieve it.

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