Dream and reality in forex trading!

I often hear from people that they have bad luck and it is not in their destiny to achieve anything. They are poor because it is not written in their luck to become rich. They have not got the basic opportunities to become rich and that’s why they have not able to do anything in their life. Do you believe this? You can’t persuade them that we can do anything and everything in our life. We don’t need to born again in this earth to do any special things. Nor we need to born in a rich family to achieve anything. Only lazy people think negative things. They are actually losers who can’t help anybody including their own. If you try to persuade them then they will react differently. Then they will probably ask you back, “Then why you’re not that rich?” Yeah it is our fault to discuss about positive things with negative people. It is true first do it yourself then talk to others. They only give you one good lesson that first prove it yourself and then talk to us (lazy people). It is easy to suggest others but it is not easy to implement. They are living in an island where you can’t talk, suggest or even show positivism. They do not see that we’re also trying. We’re not sitting idle. Are we? Okay lets move to the next. Luck! Do you believe in luck? If I ask what is luck then what will be your answer? How you define luck? In my view luck is the result of our activities. It is what we do in our life. If we do good things then we’ll have good luck if we do nothing then there will be no good luck. Many believes ( do not want to mention names) everything is happening because of luck. But in my view luck has nothing to do with our personal or professional life. Everybody has equal right to achieve success in any work or job. We can also earn big from any profession including forex trading profession.

Many of us dream big but do not do anything to achieve it. If we think we’ll able to earn good income from forex trading profession then yes it is possible. But to achieve our goals i.e. to earn big is only possible if we do something for it. For a newbie it is very important to listen to others. They can learn from others then only they will able to earn big in future. We are not bound to any time limit for success. Because there is no specific time period under which we can achieve success. If we give more time in learning then it’ll be easy for us to understand the profession better. If we do not like to give even a minute in learning then how can we tackle the complex profession.

Yes I’ve said above forex trading as complex because here we’ve to calculate everything in an one go. If we’re trying to open an order then we must know what we’re doing, where we’re going to open it, whether news will impact positively or negatively in our tradings, where to put stop loss, where to put target etc. So it is complex in itself. We can make complex things easier only through proper learning. If somebody wants to sing a song without learning then it’ll be complex for him/her to start. He/she may able to sing but the result will be worst. Ha ha!! In other hand if some professional (well trained) singer sings a song then it is much easier for him/her to start. Here too we’ll see categories. Excellent, Good etc., Same thing applies to forex trading too. More we learn more we’ll able to grasp the profession better. Do you want to be an Excellent trader, Good trader or worst. It is upto you. More you practice more you’ll able to improve your trading skills. So its easy. Isn’t it?

When a professional trader starts trading he/she has full control on everything. He/she knows where to open an order and where to close. So for him/her earning big is not that much difficult. But to achieve that stage of perfection everybody needs to give much time in learning, practice etc.

Nobody born with special knowledge. With time we can develop our mind. Of course there is a limitation for everything. We may get many challenges in the course of learning. We may not get proper guidance or anything but if we’ve a determined mind then we can achieve anything. Don’t compare yourself with anybody. Don’t think that you’re less knowledgeable than others. Your level of knowledge may be different but nobody can say that you’re less knowledgeable person. It also depends on your interests. Somebody may be good at mathematics but it doesn’t mean he/she would be good in Science. So there are some other factors which differs one from other. For example, If you compare two different people of same age group then you’ll find many differences. If you ask same questions to two different person of same age then you might get two different views. It happens because they have spent their time in different environments. They have taught by different teachers. They have different mind set. They have different interests, hobbies etc. They have utilized their time in their own way.

I’m not going to say that dreaming big is bad. But only want to say if we dream big than we must work on it. If we dream big and sit idle for whole life then nobody will help us in achieving success. I respect those who believe in luck. I don’t want to say that they are wrong. But we shouldn’t believe only in luck because luck only favours those who believe in hard work.

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