Time Is Money – Do You Accept It?

Time is one of the most valuable asset of human life. If we really want to be successful then we must utilize time in a proper way. As a human we live only for limited time. So it is very important to understand the value of time from the very beginning. In forex trading profession too, many traders waste time in odd works. They do not want to give time in learning and as a result they fail to do any exceptional work in the profession. Not only in forex trading profession in other works too if we do not understand the value of time then we’ll never able to get success. For example, a school student can easily get higher scores in grade exams if he/she prepare himself/herself for the exam from the very first day of academic session. If a student learn for only one week before exam then it’ll not help him/her to score more than the passing marks. So time is very valuable and we can do anything if we respect time.

Most people complain that they do not have time because of busy schedules. But in reality if we manage our time properly then we can save a lot of good time. For example if we wake up at early morning then we can get extra 2 to 3 hours. Here I would like to say that rest is important. But it has also some limitations. In a single day we get 24 hours to spend. If we utilize this 24 hours time properly then we would have more extra time.

I’m ready to save time, what’s next? If you’re a disciplined person then you’ll able to follow a strict time schedule. If you’re a student then your focus must be on giving more time in learning. It is not bad idea to give some time in physical work, spending time in sports, extra curricular activities etc., So take advantages of time by spending it properly. Saving time doesn’t mean you’ll not go for shopping, you’ll not watch any movie, you’ll ignore invitation from friends etc., You should do everything and it is only possible if you have a lot of free time in hand. If I say you must go for movie, it doesn’t mean you’ll watch 2 to 3 movies everyday. If I say you must go for shopping doesn’t mean you must spend a big time in shopping everyday. Here time management is important. Still confused? Please, don’t be confused.

Office going people often complain that they do not have much time to do any other work. If you suggest somebody to do forex trading in their extra work then they will probably answer you, “I’m a busy person and I’ve no free time.” Okay, then. Do you sleep?, Do you take bath? Do you spend time in dinner table?’ If yes, then why you’re saying that you’ve no extra time. Are you a robot? Okay leave it. Actually I’m trying to say that everybody can save a lot of time by utilizing it properly. No employer will ask you to work 24 hours a day in case you’re a working person. No school, college, university ask you to spend whole day. In other words even you’re a student, a business person, a office going person etc., etc., you’ve still a lot of (free) time. Because you’re spending only 1/3 of a day time in your main activity. I’ll not believe you if you say I always spend whole day in office. Do you attend offices in holidays or in Sundays? Even you work in holidays and in Sundays you’ll have a lot of free time in your hand. If you do not believe me then take a shit of paper and try to note down every activity you do within a day both in office and in home. You’ll see that you’re doing nothing in most of the time.

If you respect time then one day time will respect you back. If you waste less time in odd works and spend more time in worthy works then you’ll get the positive result in no time. Suppose you’ve spent 1 to 2 years in learning forex basics and demo trading. You’ll able to earn thousands of buck in following years. So we can be successful if we know the value of time and able to utilize it into productive work.

Respect time, respect your life, success will be yours!!!

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