Nobody is perfect – You’re too not an exceptional

We do work in different fields for example somebody is a forex trader and somebody is a teacher in school. Somebody has spent more time in a particular work so he/she may be good at that work. But it is not necessary that he/she must be perfect to perform a particular work perfectly. A banker may be good at distributing cash to customers but he/she may not be perfect in feeding inputs to the PC. He/She may not capable of typing without looking at keyboards. But he/she is a good banker because he/she can do his/her work smoothly.

Same things applies to forex trading professionals too. Every forex trader has different ideas, techniques, knowledge etc. He/she is free to apply any strategy to his/her tradings.

Perfection comes from regular practices. If we do a lot of practice then one day we’ll able to perform well in the profession. If we have a right mindset then nobody can stop us to be good at our work. With time we’ll become better. In the course of performing our work we’ll able to learn new things and it’ll help us to become more capable.

We shouldn’t compare ourselves to anybody else. Somebody may be good at some part but he/she may not be good at others. For example if you’re good at technical analysis then it is not necessary that a trader who is earning more than you also good at that part. In other words everybody has some types of good qualities and we can’t say that one person is good at trading than other.

To improve your performance in any work you need few things which are very important to consider.

1) Interest: First of all you’ve to develop some types of interest in a particular work. Only then you’ll able to concentrate on the work. You’ll not get tired even you spend more time in learning in a work where you like to make a career.

2) Morale support: Obviously you must have some types of morale support from others e.g. family members, friends. Who can encourage you and help you at your need.

3) Time: You must ready to give more time in any work. Either to learn, to know or to involve more with your work you have to give more time. If you’ve no time for your work then you’ll never able to perform well in that particular work. For example, many working professionals want to do forex trading. Most of them failed because they do not want to give more time to this work. It may be due to lack of interest or lack of time.

4) Ready to learn all the time: Without learning anything you can’t be capable of handling that work perfectly. Perfectly in other sense in a better way. So for a better performance you’ve to learn everything which is required to be good at that particular work. Never stop learning it is the key to success.

Today I’ve discussed few things which always click us. When we look at other good traders we feel inferior. We think that we’re a worst trader. But we do not want to know how the trader earned so much profit. What strategy he/she has used for his/her tradings. Is there any scope for improving our own strategy? etc. So we’ve to be very positive in every step of life. Even we fail we’ve to stand up because everybody fails and nobody is perfect in this world.

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