forex is place of profit and loss

yes,forex is palce of profit and loss and it is what you wnat to take in both of it i mean if you trade carefully you defintely but at sametime if trade badly you will lose in forex so trade good and make good profits but listen you need to have more profits than losses

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make use ofrebates

while trading in forex i recommend to open an account though the cashback offeringsites i.e they pay you somepart of spread wheil you are trading and this really helps to earn certain amount but recently i am not doing and so i am losing but use rebtaes and earngood

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tips to earn in forex

hello i wanna give sometips based on myexperience in forextrading

follow economicreleases and trade accordingly and i do majorly this

keep concentrartion on news

dont be aggressive

dont take highrisk

trade only when you are confident

make goodmoneymanagement

dont trade whenyou are not watching i.e better not to tarde when younotpresent

if you definitely follow these you will make goodprofits

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try to acceptloss

yes,this is true we need to accept loss and close position when tarde is against us because likeme people will wiat for position to turn in my direction and it will never turn and finally onlymargincall

so i suggest when position in agaginst you keep like ceratin thing i.e i am ready to accept certainamount of loss and youput stoploss

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what is your augusttarding status?

mine august trading status was 0 i.e i still repeating mymistakes of highrisk and finally i will make 0 only in forextrading and reallybad

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is forextrading easy?

yes, forextrading is easy if you follow economic releases and then trade accordingly it would be easy but majorly where and why loss happens

people likme try to earn more in lesstime and lose in forex

so if you are taking highrisk in forex that is always badthing and you need to avoid it but if you are taking low risk and follow goodtrading skills you can easily make goodmoney inforex

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new brokers are growing like mushrooms?

yes,newbrokers are growing like mushrooms.

inorder to take advantage of the forexpopularity somebrokers are taking their chances of introducing their scams

becareful with brokers who are

not regulated

whodont have fastcustomersupport

who offers unusualbonuses

who hasbadreputation

what you need to do while chosing newbroker?

if you really liked a newbroker and wnat to trade first know about them i mean get their reviews and if positive then proceed but at sametime somebrokers will pretend they are good but later scam so better becareful and trade with goodreputationbrokers

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which do you prefer biglots with fewpips or small lots with more pips?

i will prefer biglots with fewpips but it was highrisky aand at sametime smalllots with more pips was less risky because we have more chnaces of predicting in coreect direction so i will prefer biglots with fewpips as i am trying to earnmore but smalllots with morepips is goodidea

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you did not use your money to trade forex now

yes,now-a-days as competition was increased there are so many who provide paidtopost bonus programs so taht you can learn and discuss about forex and get capital for trading and thus can make money without spending anything from your pocket

forexcompetitions -there will be so many demo competitions which are really best way inorder to earn some prizes and thus get capital

but mostly paidtopost is best because iof you discuss for fewhours you can get good amount at end of month and thus you can trade withit and thus now-a-days trading forex is free

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what is the bestway of your funding in forex?

everyone will use their own trusted paymnetprocessors or others methods for funding but due to recently the issue of libertyreserve being blocked by fbi is really bad and that show that we need to be careful with the paymnetprocessors who dont have regulation and so we need to be careful while chosing the paymnetprocessors and try not to keep more funds in the paymnetprocessors because it was always risky if you do so try to withdraw them and be crare ful while choising them and use most trusted and regultaed ones which is best

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