GBP Trading for Brexit

Brexit or Bremain will be closely watched out cuz of its consequences for UK and EU. Much has been written about this from Experts to absolute newbies. In such case,how must a small retail position himself/herself for the event,if they want to trade GBP currency pairs. Referendum is set for Jun 23rd,2016.With Bremain,there would be relief rally for a while and GBP would rise across the board but then reality would set in and usual factors would matter. With Brexit,that would mean GBP would fall like a stone due to the uncertainty what would happen next. Small retail traders are thus advised caution and must have good risk managements till the time of Referendum cuz there would be lot of volatilities till then as the date approaches. Small retail traders might like to skip the event altogether,if they can’t face it with confidence. There would be other opportunities for sure and there is no need to stick with GBP pairs only.If you could not enter/exit fast enough on the actual result time,then you might lose big or all cuz the price movement would be very fast & violent at least immediately after the confirmed results!

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First Post

Hello Folks

Just getting up started. Hope to share my views on trading: trade set up wise, of general nature and my trading experience

Nothing much to say as such,just a start so to speak

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