Google AdSense web blog introduces its users to a new service. Google AdSense is a targeted advertisement system which automatically places targeted text and image advertisements on web sites. By placing adverts, website owners earn money on a per-click or per-impression basis.

By increasing a number of visitors and using Google AdSense, you can improve your web blog. More visitors you have – more they click and more money you earn.
How to install Google AdSense:

To install Google AdSense, go to Options in Google AdSense Manager. To add a targeted advert, choose point 4: Go to Manage >> Ad Units and paste the code into the box, and click Manage >> Ad Units. Use a script to position the advert in the central column. Then click Save. You can add multiple advertisements at a time. From now on, the installation of Google AdSense is complete. To position all adverts in the right column, go to Widgets and choose the “Ad#default-ad” widget.


AdSense Manager is a full-featured manager that enables placing adverts and managing AdSense on your web site. The latest update of AdSense Manager provides as follows:

  • Referral advertisements;
  • Direct management of advert codes;
  • Code converter;
  • Sidebar modules.

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3 Responses to Google AdSense

  1. forexhunter says:

    I insert my Adsense codes but did not find any ads displaying under my blog? Who can help me to know the full procedure?

  2. meemmunir says:

    I want to get ads for my blogs. Who will guide me step by step what should i do to earn m,oney through my blogs. Me awaiting quick response. Thanks every body. I like google adsence very much, the only reliable source of income through ads.

  3. im Tepiny says:

    I want to get ads for my blogs. Who will guide me step by step what should i do to earn money

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