USD/JPY -Short term sell signal

Though the overall momentum of USD/JPY is uptrend but if anyone wants to short the pair they can do in the short term sell off because the pair struck at the 110.61 level and now moving towards the 109.75 level .So in short term ,we can see the pair falling towards the 109.75 to 108.85 level .

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USD/JPY – Why we should keep aside now ?

The USD/JPY pair is in a guessing state because though the overall trend is down ,i feel that the pair main trend will be decided in the next coming week and when we can see a good entry in this pair .Though today we saw that the pair rejected to go down beyond the 108.70 level but on the same time bounced back from the 109.40 level which is a clear indication that the pair is in a confused state.

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EUR/USD on more higher mode

EUR.USD on more Higher mode .Seems the pair is having a very good breakout and we are expecting another 100-200 pips upwards before it can show to retracement .I am expecting that the pair can run upto the 1.900 level soon and from there we can see some 300-400 pips downfall .

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USD/JPY weekly Forecast 30/07/17

Me just explaining the USD/JPY chart littlebit for the next week probable movement .For the the pair is in a downtrend and we can be sure if the level crosses the 110.50 which frankly till the pair is holding but i feel that we will break that level and the pair will visit the 109.50 level soon .Till the pair breaks the 112.20 level and sustain me not bearish in this pair .

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GBP/USD in a uptrend -19/07/17

In every trading chartframe me seeing that the GBP/USD pair is going upward ,just when i looked at the H1 chart ,i feel that the pair may go down about 50 pips down from the current levels .So for me a good entry is if the pair come from 1.3150 level to the 1.3080 level.So we can keep eye in this level for a good pips profit .

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EUR/USD In the upper race

EUR/USD in the upper race,the pair seems in a very good bullish momentum and for me its in the blind zone ,those who bought the pair previously can hold the pair and if any want wants to buy the pair ,for me its a no as nothing is clear with the chart because always when a pair is in a continious uptrend ,there may be some retracement seen .So we have to wait for the perfect level to enter here.In retracement ,we can buy the pair near the 1.1650 level .

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USD/CHF breaking upside barrier

USD/CHF breaking upside barrier.The pair frankly suprised me a lot because yesterday after pulling downwards in such a heavy manner the pair bounced very much strongly from the 0.950 level and now seems challenging the most vital level of 0.9630 which as per my opinion if that breaks we can see some new highs in this pair in the coming days.

Recent update : 29/07/2017

yes i think i am right as the pair broke the upper band and its near the 0.9700 level ,now my target is near the 0.9840 level in near term atleast .

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USD/JPY may face downfall

USD/JPY may face downfall.Today in the US session we saw that the pair started to fall from the 112 level mark and failed to pass that now if we can see the daily chart ,we can see that the pair is shifting its sentiments towards the downtrend and if the 110.55 level breaks stronger ,we can see more downtrend .Here for me three targets in the comings days are important .

Target 1- 110.55

Target 2- 109.30

Target 3- 108.20

Conclusion :- I am bearish in the pair and will keep on selling till the pair breaks strong 112 level but yes the pair also should have to cross the 110.55 level first to be with the downtrend.

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EUR/JPY may get a sharp move downwards

EUR/JPY may get a sharp move downwards because if we can see the H1 chart frame we can see that the pair already got a nice sharp turn from the 130.60 level .So me expecting a very good down movement upto the 129.40 level .So i feel its a very good chance to sell the pair .

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USD/CHF Forecast :- Pair is in consolidation phase

USD/CHF ForecastUSD/CHF is showing downtrend and me expecting more deeper correction in this pair for about 150-100 pips atleast but before that i feel that we can see some 50 pips retracement on the upside .As per my experience the pair can touch the 0.9350 level here .

USD/CHF Technical Analysis

Me expecting that the pair would go upto the 50% Fibo Extension upto the 0.9536 level and from there we can see the real deeper correction

Comments & Trading recommendation – The USD/CHF pair is in the downside trend so we can get entries at the Fibo extension of 38.2% and 50% at 0.9503 and 0.9536

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