USD.JPY Analysis Fibo


Current price: 122.12

Fibo chart:

From the chart the market is in 50 level or just below at D1 Frame.

So we should wait for 61 level which is very close .

Hope and let see this pair will go up after touching the 61 level or from now that is from 50 level .

Let’s go the chart:

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USD/CAD is in normal condition till now.

Sometimes it is giving bearish signal and sometimes giving bullish signal.

But today is the monthly important day for Forex trader’s life.

So i think everyone will want to get some profit from this fundamental news or analysis.

My target pair is USD/CAD and i have taken my analysis which is secret not will be published in chart.

USD/CAD will go up and NFP news will be positive .

So the target located at 1.1100 and now this pair at 1.0880 so this pair may fall slightly before NFP but after or during NFP this pair will touch 1.1000 then 1.1100.

So this is your decision what you will do but this is my decision for today.

Trade with your own risk with strong stop loss level.

Now see the chart:

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USD/JPY Future 04/09/2014

USDJPY now at the top level from 29/12/2013

At present this pair at 104.96 and still giving bullish movement .

But if we see the weekly candle then we will be able to see the highest level of this par is 105.47 or some .

So we can expect easily this level in this time.

But if this level break then it will make a history again .

The possibilty to break is less.

So we can be able to see this pair will go down again at 100 level .

now lets go to chart for stochastic analysis.

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EUR/USD for this week.

EUR/USD was closed 1.3237 at last week .

But we became amazed when the market open with huge gap about 50 pips gap.

This gap gave us huge loss also whose have open trade iin last week.

But today i will say for those whose have already a floating position that this pair will go up as soon as possible because i have analysis the market and the range still now 1.3180-1.3210 and so that this pair will go up again and this pair will fill the gap soon.

So try to take in buy not sell till now although this pair is still in downtrend.

happy trading and let’s go the the screen shot.:)

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EUR/USD Analysis 18/08/2014

EUR/USD pair is most popular pair in the Forex trading world.

Now let’s go with this pair , what will be the next future of this pair.

From my personal analysis as well as from stochastic indicator we can see the future of this pair.

This pair is ranging till from 2 weeks in between 1.3330 – 1.3412 .

If this pair break the 1.3330 level then this pair may go 1.3100 level.

But if we see the stochastic chart then we will be able to see the buy signal that may reach upto 1.3500.

So i will suggest for buying with strong stop loss below 1.3310.

Now let’s see the chart..

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Hi everybody

what’s up????

I was little bit busy with my best eid vacation and for that reason i can’t give any analysis about the mrke.

Now hope i will be able to give my best effort from now.

Stay tuned with nasimuddin’s blog….

happy trading day to all.

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NZD/USD For 17/07/2014

NZD/USD pair is the most trusted pair i have seen in this Forex market.

As a trader i have seen the higest point of this pair was 0.8839-46 and now this pair located at 0.8700 level and lower limit was 0.8685 , in previous analysis i had sait downtrend started but it is pseudo downtrend i think.

So now this pair is testing or correcting itself by going moderate down,and as soon as possible this correction will be ended and this pair will go again up to its previous level that is at 0.8845.

so we should take this advantages by buying this pair from bottom level.

Now lets go D1 chart what trend is waiting for us.

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Gold for 16/07/2014

Gold is Highly vulnarable metal we know.

So doing analysis on gold is relative hard for FOREX trader.

But from me this is very simple analysis on gold and that is if we see the D1 chart then we can draw a trend chart and we can go a conclution about this metal.

lets see the chart.

In chart the main target of this pair now at 1325

In this week and previous week we have seen gold range was 1344-1291.

so we expect somewhat up now.

here is my chart is below…

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NZD/USD analysis for 15/07/2014

NZD/USD still remaining oversold area.

Now this pair located at 0.8810-15 but hope this pair is in downtrend.

If we see H4 chart then we will be able to see the correct trend line.

And also if we see the stochastic indicator then there is clear signal for sell that is down trend.

so we should be careful about buy this pair.

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14/07/2014 analysis on GBP/USD

As previous analysis the GBPUSD started it’s downside movement today.

ow this pair at 1.7080 and recently this pair break the second support level.

And hope this pair now in down trend and for that reason the next target should be 1.6800 level according to H1 chart.

So we should be aware about this pair for buying this market.

Hope every one getting my analysis profit. :)

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