Predifine The STRATEGY

Trading tools indicators
are very important for the broker,trader and investor to watch the markets going on.
Many of them are discussing about what indicator that really useful to indicating where the market running to, since there is some indicator that available in some platform .
There is a Japanese candle,bar and line/market line, and no matter it is ,they are really useful to indicating the market.
Basically that we are looking for is the informations, especially people who working with trading system.
For the beginner I was did some mistake to understand, to indicating the market,because at the beginning I try to Understand the trend of market without understanding the candle it self.
And….I almost fail in my trade.
Until I understand what the candles /bar/line are telling me to.
And I believe a lot of beginner are doing the same,and going to ask why they almost fail their trade, and unfortunately I do so…….because we doesn’t understand how to read the candle it self.

Most of us are understand if there is some candles are stacking, it is indicating the trend are happen,then we going to follow the trend,
but whenever we are jump in with the trend as our analyze, the market were against us……then we going to frustrated with that,since we almost jumping in to against the market,not to following the market.
Yes, because that we understand is the trends are made, but we doesn’t know when is the trend’s finish, and we still expecting the trend will continue,then our fail is going to deep…….
So, when we should jumps in,then?
How to indicating the beginnings of trend?
Those are the frequent questions we have, and we almost suggested to find the break out,bouncy support and resistance .
Understand the candle in the bigger time frame, and break down to the smaller time frame to find the indicator market situation , such as break-out,bouncy or support and resistance .


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